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Rolling tune

New video "Rolling Tune"

Here’s a tune of mine I’ve been working on recently, which I’ve called “Rolling tune” currently whilst I think of something better to name it. Any suggestions?! I’ve also been working on creating a drum machine out of samples of kitchen pots/pans/utensils which is featured here in starring role

Look to the Horizon - Track Artwork

"Look to the Horizon" by Manington/Eidi

New track "Woolly Mammoth"

New track "Woolly Mammoth"

Recorded remotely in lockdown, this track was written for a group of like-minded London jazz musicians brought together by Rick Simpson to rehearse and workshop each others new music for medium/large jazz ensemble.

Mr Owl Ate My MetAl wOrm

Mr Owl Ate My MetAl wOrm

Here’s a duet with myself on a tune of mine called “Mr Owl Ate My MetAl wOrM.” It was composed around palindrome musical structures. Spent the evening trying to get my video editing skills together, several months behind the rest of the world… :smile:

Strike the harp - track artwork

New track "Strike the Harp" | Dave Manington

Dave released a new track this week written and recorded remotely over the past few months. Featuring sterling contributions on Drums by Jon Scott and Saxes/Clarinet/Piano/Accordian by Ivo Neame who also mixed the track in his fantastic new home studio.