Projects / Links

Other Projects I'm involved in

Yazz Ahmed Quartet, touring now, Yazz Ahmed

Tori Freestone Trio, featuring Tim Giles. currently touring UK and New album out now, Tori Freestone

Solstice, six piece led by John Turville on piano - New album out now. Solstice

E17 Large Ensemble, a big band featuring Carlos Lopez Real, Jez Franks, Brigitte Beraha, amongst others, which I write for.

Marius Neset Quintet, fantastic fun to play with this band occasionally,

Tommy Andrews Quintet, New album “The Crux” on Jellymould.

Rick Simpson Quartet, featuring George Crowley, John Scott,

The Button Band, New album out now

Lara Eidi Singer-songwriter and composer

The Andrew Woolf Band

London Jazz Orchestra,

CAST, jazz standards quartet featuring James Allsop, Rob Updegraff, Pat Levett,

The Coalminers, 12 piece New Orleans funk band led by Pat Levett,

Along with a lot of other things which are less frequent…

I also enjoy helping run workshops, here’s a Soundcloud of the fantastic kids at Parkview School playing one of my compositions. They rock.

Loop Collective website,

e17jazz website